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We are a Pennsylvania licensed and bonded Private Detective and Security Agency since 2001.

People Search - $14.95
Looking to learn more about someone?  Check out our people search.  We provide you with information like an address summary, bankruptcy indicators, property indicators and more!

Contact Report - $19.95

This report provides a way to obtain access to key contact information available on an individual! Now you can easily identify relatives and associates closest to your subject AND determine their possible relationship to your subject (i.e. mother, father, sister).

People Finder Report- $24.95

The People Finder Report is an enhanced report that contains additional telephone information, including indicators on unverified phones. The Finder Report will improve your ability to locate subjects and "nearby's." The Finder Report is all about phone numbers: verified and unverified.

Advanced Background Investigation - $39.95
Many companies as well as private citizens are utilizing this service to screen potential employees as well as possible spouses. We verify any information you know as well as find out new information such as past addresses, criminal history and more!


Detailed Criminal Records Search - $49.95

Need a criminal records search?  We can provide information from the following sources: Department of Corrections, Arrest Logs, Court Records, and Sexual Offender Records


Advanced Business Investigation - $49.95

Find out all you need to know about a business with our business investigation.  This report includes company, bankruptcy, online registrations, addresses, employees, property and other related information.


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